Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Standing Still

Good morning everyone! I am writing to update everyone on our newest fund raiser that we are in them middle of. I say newest but it's actually our first and I'm really excited and optimistic about it. We of course are copying off a friend who did the same thing. We are hosting a party for Martin the weekend before Valentine's Day. I chose the weekend before in case couples are wanting to go out and celebrate this day on their own. The party of course has a Valentine's theme. We are sending our evites (in hopes of saving a little money) and providing food. We are looking into a caterer who might donate their services or equipment of anything. If not, I'll be making the food myself...no big deal! We are in the middle of getting items donated so that we can use them to raffle off during our party. THANK YOU NATALIE FOR TAKING CARE OF GETTING US THE IPOD!!! I am also going to Walmart, Best Buy, Panera, Starbucks, and a few other places such as for maybe gift certificates to see if they will donate something...anything. If anyone else has any ideas, please feel free to email, fb, or reply to this post. I would love to hear more ideas. We are also asking for a minimum of a $25 donation. I am kind of scared to do this. I'm afraid that it will scare people off, but so far everyone that I have run this by tells me it's a great idea. We shall see!

We are kind of at a stand still as far as Martin's fund right now so if anyone else has any ideas please send them my way. I am also starting the process of asking people for items they would want to get rid of so I could put on a yard sale. I know that after Christmas is a good time to get rid of kid's old toys so again, if you want to help or know somebody that needs to get rid of junk, send them our way! I want to also put out there to any of our wonderful followers, if you could please pass our story along if you haven't already we would appreciate it so much. You never know, there is always someone who knows someone, who knows somebody, who wants to help. Every dollar and email forward is one step closer to getting Martin home to us!!!

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