Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting So Close!

We are getting so close now. Not only are we about done with our checklist for the Registration Dossier, but we have about 3 things left on the Court Dossier. I tell you what though, I am so ready for this holiday season to be over with. It's time for everyone to remember they have work to do. People get crazy during this time of year! Crazy and lazy. I long for the day we no longer have to rely on people to get us what we need. Our home study is now complete and is on it's way to our adoption agency! After they look over it and give it the okay, we can fill out and send the I600A and start applying for grants. Our psych eval will be finished and sent to us the beginning of next week and we got our FBI investigation back a couple of days ago! Actually, it's great because it's easier to say what we have left rather than naming what we have done! It just occurred to me yesterday that my name on my passport has my previous name and not my married name so I have to get that fixed Monday. We have a few things to take care of as far as our house that we rent out and the deed. Once we get that info we take all of our documents and have them notarized and/or apostilled or however you spell that word.'s the waiting game. I hope that we are still looking at February but I have a feeling the first visit may be closer to March just because the holidays have really slowed us down. So keep praying for us and keep supporting us any way that you can and Martin will be home soon!


  1. Great picture!!!Lots of prayers for all of you and especially Martin!

  2. You are on your way! So excited for you!