Thursday, June 30, 2011

1 Trip Down...2 To Go! Day 2....

The second day was a long one. This is only because we didn't get to see him until 3 in the afternoon! Seeing as jet lag was kicking full force Charlie and I got up for the day around 4 in the AM! Again...that made for a long day.

We went through the same stinky check in building but thankfully this time the cat's dinner had been cleaned up, or eaten. Just as long as I didn't have to see the animal pieces dragged all over the floor! We went by to grab the doctor and we were on our way to see our baby! This time I noticed something a little different. There were more kiddos in the hallways. There were a few more doors open and better yet, they weren't being closed before we came upon them. I was able to quickly sneak peek as we hurried by. I was scared of getting caught and getting in trouble so it was a quick glance. I just peeked long enough to see that there were indeed kids in there! I was rather shocked that the doors remained open.

Then there we were! Waiting to see Dima come out of his room. He came around the corner walking...with help...looking cuter then ever. He was wearing the same Spiderman tights and little red sweatshirt with the broken zipper. He can sport those tights though! We asked if we could take him outside where the air was fresh and the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining and it was a wonderful 65 degrees. I really wasn't expecting a yes...but a yes was what we got! The care givers got him all bundled up and ready to go out. Charlie and I found that quite entertaining. It gets so unbelievably cold there, but for some reason when it was in the 60s everyone was bundled up in their coats and even scarves! Little Dima was dressed in all his layers and we headed outside.

We made a beeline over to the merry-go-round that I spotted earlier on the way in! I sat him down and Charlie started to spin him at a painfully slow pace. I am pretty sure that he was bored but I was terrified that he would fall off. So I decided to get on and plop him on my lap so Charlie could pick it up a notch. He was much more entertained! We took him to all the little stations they had for the kids to play with. We also brought him a ball. Let me tell you...that boy can throw! I couldn't believe it. He is so tiny but he can throw like Haiden. He loved the ball so we left it there. We didn't see it the next day but I'm really choosing to believe that others were enjoying it! We had enough time to sing some Itsy Bitsy Spider and I'm a Little Teapot before we had to bring him in and leave him again. Ughh, just writing that out makes my heart and stomach hurt.

Handing him over to his care givers was so hard. It all happened so ripping off a band aid. But handing him back in a didn't make it hurt any less. I also couldn't help but feeling like I was getting cheated out of time with him. We had come all that way and we had only spent a total of maybe 45 minutes with him in 2 days! I felt like I couldn't complain though....because I couldn't. We left there feeling good about the bond we were building but so bad about leaving him. We only had one day left and I was praying that we got to spend more time with him than what we had the past 2 days. The drive back was awful both days. The traffic is miserable and that only means more time to think about the things that I saw and the conditions I was leaving my son behind to live in and how the following day was going to be the last day we would see Dmitri for months! Thank goodness for cameras and my iTouch! I watched my videos and looked at the pictures all the way home! I love you Dmitri James House and hugs until next time my baby. XOXOXO

Saturday, June 25, 2011

1 Visit Down...2 to Go! Day one....

Let me first convey to everyone how sorry I am for taking so long to write an update. I think I am the world's worst blogger! That along with a touch of depression from leaving my baby behind has made it somewhat of a challenge getting this out. But, I owe it Dmitri and everyone asking me for an update to get something out there! So our first journey to see our Dimitri goes like this...

If any of you know know that I have amazing bad luck. The kind of luck that would make someone on the outside looking in say "someone has got to give this girl a break". It runs in my family and I am a firm believer that like hair color or the color of your eyes...bad luck is genetic. Therefore, I was a little nervous about starting this trip. But seriously, I was not expecting something to go wrong right from the ticket counter while checking in! Thankfully, it was just a small misunderstanding that was straightened out after my short bout of acid reflux and the triggering of what I'm pretty sure was a very minor heart attack. We were in the air and off by 6:30 the evening of the 13th leaving Haiden and Noah behind with my savior of a sister for 5 days.

We arrived safely at the airport extremely exhausted but so overwhelmed that we hardly noticed! We found our driver who thankfully spoke some English because we were so out of our element. We have both traveled to foreign countries many, many times so I'm not quite sure why it felt so different this time. I think the anxiety of meeting Dmitri was getting to us. Also, we were getting ready to crash in on a family that had never met us before, but was amazing enough to take us in during our stay. Amazingly enough our stay with you guys (Brian and Kristina) was wonderful and we will never be able to repay you or tell you how incredibly grateful we are and will forever be. This wonderful family took us in as a favor to a friend (gotta love the military community and how they look out for and take care of each other). They had a number of family members visiting from out of town already and still allowed us to take up a room in their home. They also fed us wonderful home cooked meals every single day! The amount of money we saved because of their generosity has enabled us to put money towards plane tickets and the endless amount of fees that are piling up around us. We also got to meet their 2 unbelievably cute boys who I hope that we get to see again in the not too distant future! Thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts!

The next morning we were picked up by our coordinator bright and early. Thankfully the excitement of the day that lay ahead over shadowed the jet lag that we were already feeling. I will be completely honest when I say that really don't remember what took place on this day up until we met our Little D. Everything is kind of a blur. By the time we got to the orphanage...I was a big ball of nerves. I was terrified because we were told that they didn't even want us there in the first place. We were told they were too busy. I was also scared because we were told that this institution had never adopted out a child before. I was hopeful since we had made it as far as the front door without being turned away. I do remember pulling up the the building and getting out of the van and pretty much everything after that. We had to first go check in. This took place in a tiny little building just inside the big gates containing the institution and all it's inhabitants. I wish that I was able to get pictures because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to describe this little place. Even if I could describe it, I would never be able to describe the smell. Thankfully we weren't there that long. I was also relieved beyond all belief once I figured out that the check in building was not a building where any of the children were living. For some reason, an image that I can't get out of my head was the dinner that belonged to the cat that apparently lived there. I looked down at my feet to see 2 wings, a head, a torso, and a beak shredded. That image paired with the smell will haunt me forever. That was obviously before I made it further through the day.

We left that building to meet a few other people in another building to take care of paperwork and more paperwork before meeting with the head doctor. I couldn't help but notice that this building smelled much better and it appeared that there were quite a bit of repairs taking place along with painting of the facility going on. I felt a little hopeful seeing this. Maybe there was progress being made around us. We were led to a small sterile looking room to wait for the doctor. This woman was so intimidating! No smiling, no chit chat, just business. After about 30 minutes of a Q&A round she led us off to meet our little boy. We had to go in and out of a series of different buildings up stairs, and through halls. I couldn't help but notice there were no kids out and about. I also couldn't help but notice that if doors happened to be opened, they were closed before we had the chance to see inside them. Actually, not a surprise considering all my reading on the orphanages that I had done up to this point. Everything seemed right on track with all the books.

We made it up to a little common area that contained a couch and some plants scattered throughout the room. I noticed a child on the couch with a caregiver and Charlie and I looked at each other both thinking "oh my gosh, look at that little baby"! All of a sudden everyone leading us to Dimitri stopped and looked at us with an expectant gaze. I was a little confused until our coordinator leaned over and told us that the little baby was in fact Dmitri. I walked over and picked him up and searched his little face for resemblance of the picture that I had been looking at every day over the past months. At first I thought no way...this is a mistake...they are trying to give us a different child. Our child is going to be 5 in July. This little boy can't be more than a year old! But he looked back and me and tilted his head back in just a way that looked just like the picture I had of him from more than 3 years ago...and I new it was him! My reaction was no where near what I thought it was going to be. I played out a different scenario in my head nearly every day since we committed to him. I always thought that I would cry. Surprisingly I didn't! Neither of us did. I was afraid of scaring him off! After a couple minutes of keeping our distance I scooped him up and put him on my lap. He felt just like he was supposed to be there!

We pulled out the family photo album I had made for him so show him pictures. He seemed more interested in the pictures of Charlie and me than the pictures of the kids which surprised us. We took pictures and video of him which he seemed to love. He had a smile all ready for the camera as soon as I pulled it out. It's so funny how he knew how to work it in front of the camera! The care workers around seemed to warm up to us along with the doctor. We were very fortunate to meet the social worker who was unbelievably nice! Unfortunately, we arrived at an inconvenient time...right before lunch and nap. We were only there 20 minutes before they told us that it was time for us to go. We all exchanged hugs and kisses before our little man waved goodbye to us and was on his way to eat. We would see him again the next afternoon, but leaving him was heartbreaking!

Monday, June 6, 2011

So...This Is Finally Happening!

I know that it has been a long time since I have posted anything new. I have been waiting for something to post about and it's been weeks since we have had anything post worthy. Well...finally...we have something! After waiting almost 5 long weeks after submitting our registration, we got a travel date assigned! We are going to meet our baby! We will be leaving on the 13th and heading back home on the 19th. We have so much to do this upcoming week but I'm glad that we got the date late notice. That way I don't have too much time to worry and stress. We were told that this orphanage has never adopted a child out before. So of course I have all kinds of "what if's" going through my mind. But mostly I have so many different scenarios going through my mind about this little boy that we are about to finally meet. How weird to think about actually touching him. For months all we have had is 1 out of date and blurry picture. What if he doesn't like us? What if we get denied? What if we are missing some document that freezes this whole thing yet again? But I know that I can't think like that. I just have to keep telling myself to give it ALL to Him. He has gotten us this far, He will get us the rest of the way!

Sorry about the extremely short update! We have so much paperwork to finish and so many phone calls and emails to make. I will try and do a better job posting. Especially while we are gone. Hopefully pictures to come soon!