Monday, November 29, 2010

29 November Activities

Wow!  We had a great day that proved to result in getting a lot accomplished.  Even though we only officially started our Home Study on Friday (26 Nov), I feel as if we got so much done.  For starters, if we went by what the Home Study agency advertised on their website, I think it would have taken a few weeks before our first interview with a Social Worker.  So we called them on Thursday morning and told them we wanted to drive there and start the process.  We were fortunate in being there at the same time the Social Worker was there.  We filled out all of the paperwork that would have otherwise been sent to us in the mail that following week.  We did our first of three interviews there at the office and schedule our remaining two for this Saturday (4 Dec - In Home) and Tuesday (7 Dec).  We FedEx'd our application to the adoption agency and they began working on it on Saturday.

Today we got our fingerprints completed, physicals scheduled for Tuesday and Friday.  I got my daughters physical scheduled for Tuesday as well.  We also got our FSP page up and running.  And finally, as I sit here and notice that it is 12:32am.....our Blog is off to a great start.

Have a great night everyone and we will post updates soon!!

The House Family

Melissa and I have been married for 4 years.  I am a Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps for over 17 years now.  We are fortunate that Melissa is able to stay at home with the children.  We have two children together; a 3 yr old young man, Haiden and a 9 mo old little boy, Noah.  Haiden was born with Down syndrome.  Since Haiden was born, we have become devoted to giving Haiden a life filled with love and devotion.  He has been an inspiration to all people he meets.  We have become advocates in the community, both local and state, for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  After I returned home from Afghanistan in October 2010, I was up early one morning adjusting to the time zone change and saw Martin on Facebook needing a Christmas Warrior.  I new immediately that it was Gods plan for us to adopt Martin.  Once Melissa woke up for the day, I had her look at the site and she knew immediately this was the right decision.  We fell in love with him at first glance.  We knew that he would make an amazing big brother and would allow our family to grow in even more unimaginable ways. We learned in a short time in this process that adoptions are difficult, stressful, and financially challenging.  Each of these children on this site deserves all the same opportunities as those with families.  Please consider making this dream come true for our new family member.  Every dollar donated brings our dream closer to reality.