Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Event Preparation While Marking Time

.....so tonight we are working diligently on preparing for our upcoming party that Melissa mentioned in the previous post. Once the boys went to bed, she continued in the collection of email addresses for all of the people we want to evite to this event. We reserved the venue today. It will be here on base at the local military housing community center. It is a beautiful place that is cozy. We are working on getting some "in-kind" donations of food and catering "type" equipment as well. I have been working on a flyer that is "Our Story" for people that have asked for something to handout for request of donations.

Some of the things we have found out so far in the amazing adventure. We have amazing friends. Just today, a good friend asked Panera's to see if they can donate a gift certificate to give away as a raffle at the party. She was able to get donated a free bagel pack per month for a year. That's about a dozen bagels and cream cheese each month. How cool is that??? That is just the beginning. We plan to have plenty to give away that night. Hopefully that will get more people to come to the party.

As for the Marking Time, we have ran into a holding pattern that I am working on getting us through. As we were prepared to finish our Registration Dossier this week and have it Apostilled and sent to Hand in Hand, we found out that Melissa's passport has her previous last name. This is a problem and cannot be accepted as all names need to match. Well, the Passport Agency can expedite passports; however, that means 2-3 weeks instead of the 4-6 weeks. This is not exceptable to me. They do have an appointment method for those that are flying within 14 days. The catch is that you must provide a ticket or itinerary in order make this happen. I pleaded with the lady and told our story....no dice! So, going back to my previous remark about amazing friends. Another great friend, who both Melissa and I served with in the Marine Corps (have I mentioned that Melissa is a former Marine!) now works for the State Department. I have asked her for additional assistance. So tomorrow, we may be able to make some headway that will not take 2-3 weeks and possibly have it truly expedited. We shall see......

The Home Study is all but complete. They are waiting for (1) line from our Psych Eval that we pick up on Thursday and my oldest son's medical evaluation was not signed by a physician (it was a PA instead). So tomorrow I head to Ft. Belvoir (darn Army...LOL..but seriously!) and hopefully get his doctor to sign off on it too.

A final reflection on my thoughts....I often ponder what Martin is doing right now. I think I am afraid to really know what he is doing. When I try and make myself visualize it, all I can see is his perfect face staring up at me and smiling and his pudgy little fingers holding a toy. In my little world, that is all he is doing. He is smiling and laughing. So instead of trying to block it out, I choose to imagine him here at home with us and how he will be playing with Haiden and Noah. Haiden will be teaching him all the naughty things he knows that sends him to time out and Noah will show him how it is funny to laugh and smile and Mommy and Daddy when they tell him "No."

That is enough for tonight. We are turning in for now.

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