Friday, January 21, 2011

This weeks progress....

So I posted our goals at the beginning of the week! I did, however, promise to provide an update midweek. I didn't have the heart to do that since at that point there was nothing new. But yesterday, Thursday, we actually had a very productive day. The bottomline for yesterday is that we got our entire Registration Dossier apostilled. We hand delivered it to Richmond and did a walk-in. That had it finished within 2 hours.....and best of all, it only cost about $130. I was pleasantly surprised. I am, however, extremely dissappointed that $130 is a price that I am okay with at this point. I am convinced there is a better way to handle these adoptions and not make them so darn expensive. Come on, $1500 for a Home Study? Does it really take $1500 worth of work. I don't think so. These agencies are 501(c)3 organizations and should be getting grant money from local, state, and federal sources. Not the pockets of the parents.

Anyway, enough of my soap box. Our I-600A will be sumbitted today as well. All in all, a pretty good week. I didn't mention our Marriage Certificate....that is because St. Lucia is still working on it. So that is my first phone call today. Thank goodness they apostille it there and I don't have to do it. So, we are going to mail our Registration Dossier (minus Marriage Cert) to Hand in Hand and have them ensure all is good while we wait for the marriage cert. Hopefully that will save us time on the other end.

I am just glad the weekend is here. I heard there is some good beer to be consumed...and I know just where to get it....Charlie


  1. Happy Birthday Martin,
    Thank you to your family for "inviting us to your virtual party" When I went to your RR donation page, it was so neat to donate to "House, Martin"!!!
    Next year you will have a real party, with daddy holding up high to reach your ballons, siblings sticking their fingers in your cake, and a mommy to tuck you in after a long happy day, kiss you goodnight and tell you how much you are loved.
    Soon, sweetie, soon.
    Im praying for you, Kim

  2. Kim~

    Thank you so much for leaving my big boy this note! I have read it about 100 times imagining these things myself. I can't wait for him to be here in his own bed and I can't wait to tuck his little body in at night! I sometimes feel like it's never gonna happen and then I just look at his picture and smile! Keep praying...