Monday, December 6, 2010

Todays Accomplishments

Well, this will be short as I am starting to get tired of being up until well past midnight and having to get up by 5am every day. I just feel like I owe it to Martin to let him know how hard we are working on getting him home to us. We finished our 10hrs of online training tonight. That was a huge relief. Not because it was hard....but because we couldn't keep our eyes open. We would start it once the boys went to bed.

I spoke to the Psychologist today and we are scheduled to take our Psych Eval on 15 Dec and would have the report completed by the first week in Jan. She is really helping us out.

I also talked to my friend at the Department of Social Services. She is good friends with the Director of Background Checks. So, fingers crossed, I will talk to her tomorrow and she will provide me with promising information and she will be able to push our background checks through the system. My friend seemed optimistic.

Well Martin.....Mommy and I can't seem to figure out what kind of bed to get for you. Since you will be bunking with Haiden, we wanted to get you both matching beds. Race car beds sound like a lot of fun. Who knows...let's be honest, you guys will probably end up in the same bed anyway after a hard night of wrestling around and pillow fighting...hahaha!!! Now that's cute. And yes Noah, you will be right in the middle of the them tough guy! We love you boys!!

I am signing off and hitting the rack for the night......Charlie


  1. Hello my name is Kim, and I have been praying for Martin since last spring. His picture is on our fridge, and is staying there until he is safe at home in your arms.
    My husband and I have 5 children, our oldest is adopted (we were foster parents in the first years of our marriage) and then we had 4 more biological children. Our youngest has Down Syndrome, he is our joy. Will is now 3. Not long after Will was born, I learned of Reeces Rainbow, it broke my heart. However our son was very ill with his CHD and I had to force myself not to get involved with RR, as we had 3 heart surgeries to get through. We are past the surgeries and God has seen Will through and has truely blessed our family. So I started praying for the RR kids and Martin was the one that wormed his way into my heart the most, perhaps it is because, our son had Tetrology of Fallot (as well as an AV canal.
    Martin was the one I picked to send money to in honr of Will's third birthday, last March. I had been sending out his picture to everyone I know, asking them to pass it on, praying for a family for him.
    I was so very happy to see he found his family, you are very lucky.
    I will keep following your journey and praying for a smooth and quick process, and that he is in your arms very very soon.
    God Bless, Kim

  2. I'm so excited! I've thought he was precious for so long!