Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tag...I got it!

I think we got some pretty positive news tonight. While Melissa was cooking dinner, I started to ask some questions to our Agency. I wanted to know what the time-lines were for completing their side of the paperwork. I told her that as hard as we are pushing that I want to get an approximate feel for how long this might take. It looks as if there will be a lot of "things" that will rest on us and are ability to get it submitted. So we determined a few things tonight that we are going to focus on. We are going to work on getting our Psychological Evaluation scheduled and possibly completed within the next week. Complete our adoption online training by Tuesday for our last Homestudy visit. I have also asked for the list of documents that will need to be Apostilled (oh, by the way....who in the heck came up with that word anyway! They need to just call it "Super-Notary") I have also asked our agency to send us the Dossier Registration. So here is the plan....ready....We will have everything complete for the Home Study by Tuesday, 7 Dec. We will only be waiting on the Child Abuse and Background Check. We will have the Dossier Registration completed by 12 Dec. All documents will be Apostilled on 16 Dec. I want the agency to begin their process by NLT 3 January. If we keep to that plan, we can have our 1st flight date ready by 3 Feb. Now as all good Marines know, All good plans never survive first contact with the enemy. We are staying positive, keeping motivated, and pushing forward everyday. Everyday without Martin with us, is a day that he doesn't have his Mommy and Daddy. They are days without kisses and hugs from us....and they are days without "I love you." I couldn't imagine a day like that for our children here....and it just crushes me to think he is not getting that there. Hang in there little guy!!!


  1. Hi, I found your blog at Reece's Rainbow! Martin is a cutie and he stole my heart the minute I saw his picture! Congratulations on your adoption, I will be praying for you!

  2. haha, I can totally tell Charlie wrote this one (before the marine comment) just by the way it is written. I love you guys and every blog brings me to tears!

  3. Have they told you that you can file with USCIS without having your home study done? Then you send it in and they start processing, and make sure you put an expedite request on it telling them you are adopting a child with special needs and that he has already been moved from the baby home. Also, I think St. Pete allows families to travel without their USCIS approval, but not all regions do. I assume that is what they told you. :)