Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keeping ya all in the loop.

So, I have to say, that we haven't really made too much progress since last time I posted. We are still just waiting and waiting for everyone to be finished on their end. A list of things waiting to be completed....

~FBI updated background check: We are supposed to call back in 1 1/2 weeks. FYI, that will but us at 8 weeks!

~Information from our mortgage company stating how much the house is worth and other things I'm sure the court doesn't really need! This info should have been done last week but they "never received the fax".

~Updated physicals for all the kids and also for Charlie and me. I have to admit, this hang up if our fault. We just weren't thinking about blood work and how long it would take to get back. It should be done Friday...we shall see.

~This one is just the best! We need an addendum for our home study. The court wants a fresh hs to make sure there have not been any changes to our financial status and heath. The judge wants NO MORE than 2 pages. We have tried telling our social worker this over and over but she wants to redo our entire thing with a grand total of $650! No matter what we tell her the judge wants word for word even, she won't budge. Well, that is when she is returning our emails that it! Seriously thinking about biting the bullet and finding another agency for our post placements. We would lose the $1500 we already paid but at least I would have peace of mind that the right things are getting done with an honest agency. We just found out yesterday that our hs agency was almost put on the blacklist by the country we are adopting from. Not a good place to be! Especially if this happens when we are still in our process!

No matter what, we are trying to stay positive and we are trying to keep in mind that He is in control over this all. His timing is perfect and there is a reason for all of this!


  1. You know what I bet? I bet it's all gonna come together in one day and just like that you are gonna be ready... That's my story....and I'm sticking to it! Love you!

  2. Believing that there is a plan and He is all over it!


  3. If you need a new agency I highly recommend Forever Families Adoption Services in Warrenton, Va. They have fixed or made addendums for us within hours!