Monday, August 1, 2011


As I have stated many times before in previous posts, I am the world's worst blogger. However, I just wanted to update everyone on our adoption. There has no been any progress and really no news to share. We are waiting on the judge to get back from vacation and that will not be until sometime in September. Ughh! We have had to update our fingerprints for both State Police and FBI. Yay...more expenses for something we have already had done! To our frustration, we got back our fingerprints from the State with mistakes that we had to correct. That alone took 3 weeks. I am hoping that we hear something soon since we submitted them again about 2 weeks ago. I run to the door every time I see a FedEx truck driving on our street.

We are just trying to stay busy so that time passes quickly. I am getting ready to order Dima's new bed since it will take about 6 weeks to get here. At least that is how long it took for Haiden's to get here. They will have matching beds! I am hoping that looking forward to the arrival of his bed and picking out sheets and a comforter will pass some time. Whatever it takes huh?!

Sorry that is about all I have. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still alive and praying for a travel date soon.



  1. I am sorry for all the delays but I know God is in the details and Dima will be home in his new bed soon <3


  2. Thinking of you, sweet friend. I know that time must seem to pass so slow knowing your precious boy is waiting. Soon though Melissa, he will be yours forever!