Friday, September 16, 2011

Can't Really Talk About It

As usual, I have been meaning to update my blog for almost a month. I have been waiting for good news so I have something to write about. Unfortunately I have nothing good to report. I also have been instructed not to mention anything in case the wrong eyes should see what exactly is going on in Dima's country. I have been quite careful not to mention the country or anyone's name since I have noticed that I see in the stats that his country has viewed this blog.

So, instead of going into a big long thing explaining what is going on and taking a chance that someone sees it that is not supposed to, I will just ask this. Please say a prayer for Dmitri and our family. We need a lot of prayers right now. This is just one more road block and a bit of bad news. One would think that we would be used to getting this kind of news by now!

I can say that our paper work is now in the right hands. We are told that it will take about 10 to translate everything. Once that is done, the judge will receive it and God willing, we will get a court date. I was so hopeful that we would have a date in September. Not happening! Then I was holding out for October. Pretty sure that will not happen by now either. That leaves us dangerously close to the holiday season in which MANY places shut down. Just need a court date so I can sleep!


  1. Praying, Melissa! Praying GOD MOVES each and every one of these mountains, breaks down the bars on the gates to reward you with treasures hidden in secret places. That is my prayer for you.

  2. I am praying for your guys and your little guy!!!! Much love to you my friend!!!!

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