Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Little Boy, New Background...

So, I have been debating on whether I should keep this blog or start a new one. Since Martin is no longer coming home to us Paul is! I was thinking at first that Finding Martin is no longer fitting, but then changed my mind. Because we found Martin, we found Paul therefore we are keeping this blog address. I'm still trying to think of a new title though.

Anyway, we are trying to relax and get sleep now. Before this little pause, I think we were stressing out so much it all became a blur. We are slowing down...just a little bit...just so we can think before we move and have a better idea of what is going on around us! For those of you interested in where we are in the process of adopting Paul, we are working on finding a psychologist to do a psychological evaluation on our children. The Russian Guidelines now require this of us. Just another hoop for all the wonderful families to jump through so we can prove how much we really do want to make these children a part of our families. Well, we'll jump then! The problem is finding someone that will get us in soon. Everyone is saying they have a 2-3 months wait. We think that we found someone, but we are just waiting to hear back from his assistant if we is willing to do this. Fingers crossed that we hear back today. If so, he can get us in this week! Once this is done we have to once again get it notarized, apostilled, and mailed to our agency in Tucson. They will then look over it and send it off to Russia where the rest of our paperwork is waiting. After it gets there, we should have a travel date within 10-14 days. Just one last barrier before we get to see our son...I hope anyway. As we have learned in the past, anything can happen!

So please pray for our family and for Paul that we can get this paperwork done and sent in so we can go see our baby! We still have money to raise and this little pause has hurt our fundraising. So pray that we can get caught up so Paul isn't waiting around on us to collect enough money!


  1. I love the new background and I think Paul is one of the luckiest little boys I know to have you coming for him. It was 7 months ago today we found Ellie, who lead us to Paisley. My prayers are yours, my sweet friend. I think the world of you and yours.

    Love finds a way,

  2. Renee, you always make me feel better! Thank you so much. I have been thinking about you and your family. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers always.

    Love you,


  3. Love the new look of the blog, love the sweet boy who is going to get to come home to a wonderful family, and love that you guys are moving forward.

    We are praying here. And don't worry about the money, it WILL come.

  4. All I can say is...I love Paul. My heart breaks for all you have endured....but I am also filled with joy that Paul will know the love of your amazing family.