Sunday, February 6, 2011

Treading Water

So our first fundraiser for Martin was an absolute success! So much stress and worry for no reason. At best Charlie and I were prayerfully hoping for $2000 tops. We God is great and after getting home to count the money, we discovered everyone had donated a total of $3000! Just more proof that God has his wonderful hands in everything we are doing. Just another example of how when He calls and you faithfully and blindly listen, He will provide! So far we are just under $13,000 for Martin's fund. I am waiting until I have exact numbers before I update our thermometer on our blog. I want to be accurate.

As far as the adoption and where we are...waiting. We sent our registration packet to our adoption agency last week. It takes about a week to get to Russia so I'm praying that it's there now. For those of you who aren't familiar, the process goes like this. First the endless amount of documents have to be translated, then notarized. After that, they will be submitted to "the committee" so they can review and approve or deny us for Martin's new family. This takes about 10 days. When we are approved we will be contacted for a travel date. We are keeping our fingers crossed and saying many prayers that we hear something around Feb. 28th. Unfortunately only 4 registration packets can be submitted a month. The first and last week of a month are the only times the committee will accept them. We got ours in a little to late for the first week. So we expect to travel around mid March. So right now all we can do is wait for news. I feel like I should be doing something but all we can do is tread water.

So, if all of you can please pray to your respective Gods and keep us in your thoughts for a travel date we would appreciate it! Thanks to all of you who have shown your great support. Whether that support be monetary, or saying a prayer, thank you.


  1. Don't think of it as treading water, think of it as an opportunity to breathe. Oh, and raise the travel money.

  2. Praying for ya! he is just so precious.

  3. I saw a photo of Martin on Life with Bubba Chicky and Nika in this blog post:
    I am so happy you are going to be giving this beautiful boy a home. He reminds me so much of my son Jack. They look very similar. God bless you and your kind family.