Thursday, June 30, 2011

1 Trip Down...2 To Go! Day 2....

The second day was a long one. This is only because we didn't get to see him until 3 in the afternoon! Seeing as jet lag was kicking full force Charlie and I got up for the day around 4 in the AM! Again...that made for a long day.

We went through the same stinky check in building but thankfully this time the cat's dinner had been cleaned up, or eaten. Just as long as I didn't have to see the animal pieces dragged all over the floor! We went by to grab the doctor and we were on our way to see our baby! This time I noticed something a little different. There were more kiddos in the hallways. There were a few more doors open and better yet, they weren't being closed before we came upon them. I was able to quickly sneak peek as we hurried by. I was scared of getting caught and getting in trouble so it was a quick glance. I just peeked long enough to see that there were indeed kids in there! I was rather shocked that the doors remained open.

Then there we were! Waiting to see Dima come out of his room. He came around the corner walking...with help...looking cuter then ever. He was wearing the same Spiderman tights and little red sweatshirt with the broken zipper. He can sport those tights though! We asked if we could take him outside where the air was fresh and the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining and it was a wonderful 65 degrees. I really wasn't expecting a yes...but a yes was what we got! The care givers got him all bundled up and ready to go out. Charlie and I found that quite entertaining. It gets so unbelievably cold there, but for some reason when it was in the 60s everyone was bundled up in their coats and even scarves! Little Dima was dressed in all his layers and we headed outside.

We made a beeline over to the merry-go-round that I spotted earlier on the way in! I sat him down and Charlie started to spin him at a painfully slow pace. I am pretty sure that he was bored but I was terrified that he would fall off. So I decided to get on and plop him on my lap so Charlie could pick it up a notch. He was much more entertained! We took him to all the little stations they had for the kids to play with. We also brought him a ball. Let me tell you...that boy can throw! I couldn't believe it. He is so tiny but he can throw like Haiden. He loved the ball so we left it there. We didn't see it the next day but I'm really choosing to believe that others were enjoying it! We had enough time to sing some Itsy Bitsy Spider and I'm a Little Teapot before we had to bring him in and leave him again. Ughh, just writing that out makes my heart and stomach hurt.

Handing him over to his care givers was so hard. It all happened so ripping off a band aid. But handing him back in a didn't make it hurt any less. I also couldn't help but feeling like I was getting cheated out of time with him. We had come all that way and we had only spent a total of maybe 45 minutes with him in 2 days! I felt like I couldn't complain though....because I couldn't. We left there feeling good about the bond we were building but so bad about leaving him. We only had one day left and I was praying that we got to spend more time with him than what we had the past 2 days. The drive back was awful both days. The traffic is miserable and that only means more time to think about the things that I saw and the conditions I was leaving my son behind to live in and how the following day was going to be the last day we would see Dmitri for months! Thank goodness for cameras and my iTouch! I watched my videos and looked at the pictures all the way home! I love you Dmitri James House and hugs until next time my baby. XOXOXO


  1. That last picture melts my heart! So precious!

  2. What beautiful pictures!!! I agree, the last one is precious. I'd enlarge it and frame it and hang it on the's amazing!