Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not So Patiently Waiting

Today marks 1 week from when our dossier was supposedly submitted. I say supposedly because I have not been told one way or the other if it was turned over to the committee who is supposed to be assigning a travel date for our family. I didn't think that I would survive this week, but I somehow have. Staying busy doing fundraisers is a good way to pass time until I hear something! This adoption has taught me so many things. One of them being patience....sort of. Multiple times a day I feel myself getting pulled towards the computer so I can send our adoption agency a quick email...just a quick one liner...asking if there is any news. Of course there is no news! Our agency wouldn't be sitting on that information, but I can't help it. Thankfully, I don't email or call her like I want to...need to. Instead, I just sit here and stare at my phone and check my inbox what seems to be about 1-2 million times a day, depending on my anxiety level on any given day.

Speaking of fundraisers, we had one over the weekend. To me, it was a flop. To other optimistic people in my life, they would say it was more than what we had before. I was really, really aiming for double what we brought in. We had a yard sale Saturday. For anyone that has not done one...ughh...it's so much work. We were up so late getting things ready and then up so early setting them up. The turn out was less than impressive. I can't believe how cheap some people are! I understand that it's a yard sale. So...come on...things are already dirt cheap. Even after telling the "customers" why were having the sale in the first place, most of them still tried to bargain with me. Of course I had to work with them because some was better than nothing. I then thought to myself...well maybe after haggling over the price, they will donate to our cause. After all, we had the big, bright, yellow box sitting right there in front of their faces! Not the case at all! One lady asked how much I was selling a paperback romance novel. I told her $2 and she was quite but out. She said quite loudly, for everyone to hear, "$2 for a book?!" Really lady, if you can't afford 2 bucks for a paperback book, you need to go back home and search the classifieds for a job. Done venting..and moving on.

Our next fundraiser is going to be an attempt at a charity golf event. So, if any of you know anything about golf, or have any suggestions for me, or want to help, that would be more than appreciated. I have never golfed in my life. The closest I came was in high school during P.E. We had a week of golf and I hated every second of it. I couldn't hit that little ball to save my life, so I spent the whole time throwing it in the direction it was supposed to go. So, with that said, I need some help. I am hoping that the course that I end up going with helps me out a great deal. When I say helps me out...I'm actually meaning does the whole thing for me and I just have to get the people there and advertise! Again, any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  1. Check out how much the greens fees are per person... we thought about having one and it was pretty high. Also, my friend, Rochelle Cannon, adopting Dariya from Ukraine, is having one May 15th. She would be a great resource for you. Best of luck, I am soo praying for you guys and if you need anything just holler, you know where to find me!

    Love wins,

  2. Our dossier has been in country for almost 3 weeks and has not been submitted. I really understand "trying" to be patient. God knows best- I keep telling myself.